4 Reasons To Sell In The Winter

4 Wonderful Reasons to SellEveryone knows the busy season in real estate is spring and summer. School is out for a few months, so it’s easier to move a family. The weather is warmer, and there is less chance of inclement weather. Basically, it’s just a more fun time to look and buy, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the BEST time.


1. Buyers are more serious. In the spring and summer, people are more likely to look “for fun” and not to actually purchase. In the colder months, it takes a lot more effort to go out in the cold, look at houses, and still make time for the holidays. Long story short–these people are looking to buy.

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2. It is a seller’s market. There are a lot less houses on the market, and more serious buyers. Therefore, there is less competition for sellers and a higher chance your home will sell.

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3. Paperwork and loans are processed more quickly. Again, because less homes are being sold at this time, it is more likely that banks and lenders will get paperwork moving more efficiently than in the summer.

4. Homes sell way faster. Finally, as a result of all these reasons listed above, your home will obviously sell faster.

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