5 Ways to Upcycle


Ever heard of upcycling? Well, if you know what recycling is, then you can probably guess what upcycling consists of. Essentially, it means you take something you currently own, but don’t need/want and transform it into something useful and different. There are plenty of way to upcycle around your home and upgrade your decor! Check out ideas below:

1. Door to picture display

upcycle door

2. Ladder to Shelf

upcycling ladder

3. Old Chairs to Adorable Porch Swing

upcycled swing

4. Old Crates to Coffee Table

upcycled coffee table

5. Headboard to Coat Organizer

upcycled headboard


Aren’t these ideas genius? Do you have any upcycling projects of your own? Share below and check out other home decor ideas at www.NorthAtlantaHomeTeam.com!