6 Reasons Why A Home Won’t Sell

If you have seen that “For Sale” sign in front of your home for way too long now, but can’t seem to figure out why it hasn’t been snatched up yet, there could be some reasons you can’t see. Most homeowners trying to sell may think there are a lot of “charm” to their home when buyers are just completely turned off. See some causes for why your home hasn’t sold yet below:

1. It is over priced. Sure, you may think that your beautiful and unique home is worth a small fortune, but that is because of the attachment you have to the home. Remember that your real estate agent’s job is to give you an accurate portrayal of your home’s worth–TRUST THEM.

Keep It Real In Real Estate

2. It needs some love. Can you see some obvious wear and tear on flooring or cabinetry? You better believe potential buyers see it too. Make sure to take these into consideration and fix up what you can. It will absolutely have a positive impact on those touring your home.


3. It smells bad. This may be harsh… but can be true. Although this commonly refers to a moldy smell or a stench related to your pets, it could also come from an overly strong home freshener or perfume. Remember: you want to neutralize your space, so try to appeal to all the senses, not just visual.


4. The location is awful. Crazy busy street? In the middle of nowhere? Although this is a criteria that is somewhat out of your control (you can’t exactly pick up your house and move it anywhere else), try to keep it in mind that this could be a reason it’s taking a little longer to sell.


5. The seller won’t compromise. Don’t be stubborn! Although it is important to stick to your guns on certain issues, remember that you have to be flexible with the buyer in order to come to an agreement. Trust me, it will save you a lot of headache in the end.

6. It is a buyer’s market. It very well could be that there is some stiff competition around you. If there are a ton of homes for sale in your area, remember that you are one of many, and buyers have more choice when it comes to which home they purchase.

Keep these in mind and remember the ultimate key to de-stress while your home is on the market– patience. Good luck and Happy Home Selling from the North Atlanta Home Team!