6 Tips for a Lovely Outdoor Space


With summer right around the corner and the temperature heating up, it is becoming nicer and nicer weather to spend time outside on your porch or back deck. So why not take the time to make the area as relaxing and beautiful as you can? Whether you want to completely change up the aesthetics or just add a few updates here and there, you can most definitely add to your home’s outdoor looks by following a few simple tips.

Don’t be afraid to add color. A colorful, vibrant home is a happy home! To achieve this look, the number one trick is to not shy away. Take the risk and paint that ceiling and floor blue or lavender. I promise you can pull it off way easier than you think you can.


Add as many fresh plants as possible. What do pretty flowers or gorgeous succulents communicate to you? They give off a look of liveliness while also adding even more color to your space. For a green area that does not take up a huge amount of space, you can grab some hanging plant supplies like these.

ikea plant hangers outdoor space tips

Make it cozy. An easy way to add a homey feel to your outdoor space is to make it cozy and inviting. Add some outdoor pillows, chair cushions, and throw blankets to make the space as charming as possible. It will for sure make you want to spend more time outside!

cozy porch tip

Light it up. For an even cozier atmosphere, add some string lights. It gives an instant sense of comfort and relaxation to the space.

string lights porch tip

Get creative with seating. Don’t think you have to settle for typical, boring chairs out on your deck. You could go for a porch swing or pallet couch. Just do some research and you can DIY it!

porch cushion swing

Add the right accessories. Have fun with it! Whether you have more of a coastal, Americana, or boho vibe, just go for it and make the space your own.

porch accessories

With these tips, you are sure to have the most welcoming porch on the block. Check out more blogs at www.OnMain.com!