6 Ways To Upgrade Your Deck


Do you have a deck on the back of your house not getting much use? Maybe it’s just “blah” or you don’t really know how to furnish and decorate it. Never fear! We are here to give you some ideas for your soon-to-be gorgeous outdoor space! See some of our favorite picks below:

This is a great idea if you have an overlay at your deck space. Just drape waterproof curtains across the openings, add string lights, and then buy cushion-y furniture to give your space a perfect cozy feel.


Who doesn’t love taking a nap under a tin roof when it’s raining? Especially when you can relax on a wonderful swing like this one? Using outdoor structures in any backyard design is a great way to make any garden space more versatile.

deck idea swing

If you have an outdoor space you would like to decorate on a terrace level below your deck, check this out! The simple rustic color scheme is perfect and you can add so many things to it to make it unique and perfect for you!

white deck

We love this open concept for a deck, with fun rugs, easy chairs, and just the right amount of messiness! It looks like a dream trip to HomeGoods!

open deck

You can always go for a more greenhouse luxe vibe, like this one, too! hang plants from the ceiling, add cozy bench seating, and a few more touches to make the perfect outdoor sanctuary.

beachy deck

Don’t forget you can always add a pergola for a fun way to add personality and depth to your outdoor space! Just dress it up with poufs, and outdoor weather couch, chairs, and a fun rug to make it your own.


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