8 Chic Ways to Style Your Powder Room

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Home decorating has certainly changed over the past few years, and it seems that statement half bathrooms are the latest trends in decor. With bold wallpaper choices, gallery walls, and fresh designs, these powder rooms will catch your guests’ eyes for sure. Check out some ideas for memorable half-bath’s below!

1. Go gilded. Choose a gold-framed mirror to accent a patterned wallpaper. Add a simple small table topped with a bouquet of fresh flowers.

powder room wallpaper

2. Add a pop on the ceiling. Maybe you don’t want to painstakingly apply wallpaper to every inch of the walls. So why not pick a neutral color, then choose a more vibrant pattern to put on the ceiling for a fun and unexpected addition.

powder room patterned ceiling

3. Simply pretty. If you do not want to go completely crazy with bold colors and patterns, maybe emulate this style with a low-key print and easy-on-the-eyes palette.

powder room blue and white

4. 1920s flair. This gold and marble design is a gorgeous combination for a half bath. Add simple details for the perfect look.

powder room 20s

5. Start a gallery. If wallpaper is DEFINITELY not for you, maybe create a gallery wall. Quirky framed prints can be a really cool look for a powder room when you don’t want to commit too much.

powder room gallery wall

6. Polka dots! For a chic, feminine look, black and white dots on the walls with fashion prints and flowers are the perfect mix.

powder room black and white

7. Whimsy is the answer. Whimsical patterns and a curly-framed mirror bring a lot to a small space. Pair with a full size, marble-topped vanity to complete the look!

powder room floral

8. Tropical twist. This color combo is perfect for a fashion forward home near the beach! Ditch the typical ocean themed knick knacks, and aim for a bold color like this for a beautiful half-bath!

powder room wallpaper green

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