8 Creative Nurseries and Children’s Bedrooms

8 Creative Nurseries and Children's Bedrooms 2
If you are looking for a fun way to update your child’s space, we have some really cute ideas to show you! Whether you have an adventurous toddler, sweet newborn, or growing elementary ager, you will love these looks, and it may even inspire you to get started today!

A Pint-Sized Explorer’s Paradise. What a great idea for a child that has expressed interest in travel and learning! With maps used as wallpaper, globes, rocketships, and–of course–lots of books, this is perfect for a little boy or girl with a sense of adventure.

boys bedroom hanging chair
A Faintly Feminine Nursery.
If you are looking for a way to incorporate a sense of femininity without going completely overboard with flowers and bows, check out this idea. By simply adding a few touches of pink and orange, you can strike a perfect balance.

black and white nursery
An Eclectic Expanse.
How fun is this? Bright colors and a wide-ranging group of accessories make this space super fun for any free-spirited child.

funky kids room
This Heavenly Baby’s Abode.
With the all white color scheme, it may not be a great idea in case of an baby’s accidents, but it sure is gorgeous for mom!

modern nursery

For The Visionary. With this tee pee as a tiny reading nook, bean bag chairs, and a huge expanse of chalkboard for drawing, this is awesome for a little guy or girl who loves creativity and learning! For those wanting to create something a little like this without having to completely reimagine your wall into a chalkboard, perhaps go to website options such as this to find wall paint that turns where you paint, into a dry-erase whiteboard with ease! You’re even able to purchase the paint in a transparent option so you’re able to keep the original color or design of your chosen wall.

tent chalkboard wall
A Nursery in the Forest.
If you are going for the ethereal forest look, this is perfect! A classic, wooden crib and woodsy print on the walls matches the theme perfectly. Add a vintage-y area rug for effect.

forest nursery
A Cozy Cubby.
Take a bunk bed to a new level with this adorable cubby style bed. With glowing lights and cute touches, this small space is transformed into the perfect sleeping and reading nook.

cozy gir;s room
Finally, the Nerdy Haven. If you plan on raising your child to love Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/Star Wars, go for a subtle look like this. With the beautiful Hogwarts mural, owl accessories, and magical touches here and there, this is a great way to incorporate your fan fare.

harry potter nursery
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