Candyland in Georgia!

bruce candy 3
bruce weiner candy georgiaIf you are looking for a fun field trip soon, you may want to stop by Bruce Weiner’s candy collectible museum in Madison, Georgia. This just happens to be Brad Weiner’s brother. After collecting vintage micro-cars for many years, and then auctioning them off only 3 years ago, Weiner chose to pursue another passion he had–candy. With his previous experience owning and working for several big name candy companies, such as Dubble Bubble, he decided to start a candy museum of some sort recently.

bruce candy

Most items in Weiner’s museum are completely out-of-date and would not want to be eaten, but are so old they are actually quite valuable. In addition to the actual candies, Weiner also prides his collection on its acquirement of beautifully restored machines and dispensers. From old-timey Milky Way and M&M’s, to the machines at Disneyland, he has it all!

Weiner plans on opening his museum to the public in the near future when he can fill up his location in Madison to its potential, so be on the lookout!

Watch Weiner’s interview with WSB-TV here!